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Easy receipt management
for the digital era

Easy receipt management
for the digital era

Just snap and upload your receipts using AutoKey. Save time recording your expenses in FlowAccount with OCR technology.
Easy receipt management
Easy receipt management
Easy receipt management

Mobile App

Turn paper receipts into accounting entries

Within your New FlowAccount app, tap on AutoKey to snap, scan, and upload receipts and expenses to FlowAccount.
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*Not available for Classic FlowAccount users.
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AutoKey Features

An innovative approach to expenses & accounting

Process piles of receipts easily with the AutoKey workflow. Use your mobile app or computer to upload an image, and AutoKey creates entries for you on the fly.

Record your expenses quickly

Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to quickly add and automatically organize business expenses to FlowAccount. Avoid printing unnecessary documents & manual entry errors.

Anywhere, any time access

Scan, upload and store receipts in FlowAccount, so you can access them no matter where you are. FlowAccount's 24/7 access is great for today's on-the-go accountants.

Real-time collaboration with accountants

Share digitized documents in seconds. AutoKey scans receipts and extracts data to FlowAccount in real-time, so your accountant can work with you no matter where you are.

How to use AutoKey?

An app for scanning receipts & expenses on the fly

A new, easy way to record and process receipts using just your phone or laptop. AutoKey captures and stores all your data in one, easy-to-find place in the cloud.
FlowAccount Function

Scan & upload your business receipts

Use your FlowAccount mobile app or a document scanner to scan receipts into AutoKey. For example, snap photos of tax invoices from suppliers, or scan piles of water bills or electricity bills.


Extract data using OCR

AutoKey uses the latest OCR to digitize your scans and capture data. Quickly verify the data, categorize and click Save.


Expenses are automatically recorded in FlowAccount

AutoKey couples each image with your verified data and syncs with FlowAccount.


Your accounts are ready to be checked

Your entries are organized and easily searchable for accountants and audits.

AutoKey for Business Owners

A new, time-saving way to track expenses

Track and manage your business expenses, no matter how many there are. AutoKey converts your receipts into accounting entries, then organizes them online. Spend less time typing and more time doing business.
FlowAccount Function

Do Your Accounting Online

A new workflow for recording expenses

Even busy owners can record and help process expenses. Snap and upload a photo with your AutoKey smartphone app.

Avoid Typing

Reduce data entry errors

Avoid data entry errors, blank entries and wasted time. We use OCR to turn scans into expense entries, so you can save time and track expenses anywhere you go.

Store & Organize Documents Online

Keep expenses organized

No more frantic searches at the end of the month. Use FlowAccount's online accounting system to sort and keep track of expenses and scanned documents. Find what you need quickly and easily by storing your documents in one place.

AutoKey for Accountants

Helping a New Generation of Accountants Deliver Excellence

Boost your efficiency so you can provide even better service. AutoKey speeds up data entry and generates documents, so you can quickly close accounts, offer consultations and take on more clients.
FlowAccount Function

Convert Documents into Entries

Spend Less Time Typing

Handle more documents using OCR. AutoKey digitally updates and sorts entries into categories, so you can avoid data entry errors. Ensure your financial records are accurate.

Store & Locate Documents Online

Update Accounts Easily

Make audits and accounting easier by using FlowAccount. FlowAccount lets business owners pair each expense with scanned receipts.

A New Approach to Accounting

Better Customer Service

Respond to customer concerns any time and any place, thanks to online access to accounting records. Offer better, quicker and more reliable service to customers.
How-to Videos

How-to Videos

How-to Videos

Quick Start Guide to AutoKey

Get started quickly with an easy overview of AutoKey features. Got questions? Our team is ready to answer any questions.
How-to Videos

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Bundled Package

FlowAccountFlowAccount + FlowPayrollFlowPayroll + FlowAccountAutoKey

The complete FlowAccount suite of three apps at a great price, from expenses to payroll to accounting.
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* Paid yearly. Reduced from 5,980 baht to 5,490 baht per company.
Save 490 baht!
Easy online accounting software for billing, expenses and accounting
Create and automatically enter business documents into your account
Monitor your revenue and expenses in real time from the Dashboard
Monitor your revenue and expenses in real time from the Dashboard
Manage inventory
Generate business and accounting reports
Asset ManagementNEW
Connect FlowAccount to Open API
Connect FlowAccount with your shop on Lazada NEW
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The simple payroll and payroll tax solution for small businesses
Transfer daily or monthly wages
Transfer daily or monthly wages
Issue pay-slips online
Linked to K-Cash Connect Plus for wage payments
Linked to K-Cash Connect Plus for wage payments
Synced with FlowAccount as employee expenses
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Easy receipt scanning and management tool for expense tracking
Capture & convert receipts into entries using OCR
Categorize expenses quickly
Sync your receipts & digitized documents with FlowAccount
Check your History tab to track uploaded documents & expenses
Check your History tab to track uploaded documents & expenses
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